Telephone On-Hold

There is no advertising medium more effective than the telephone. That's right. The telephone. Callers placed on hold, expecting at any moment to hear the voice of the person they are trying to reach, are forced to listen to on-hold recordings. They hear almost every word, every time. So it's the perfect opportunity to tell callers what you want them to know about your company. Of course, the risk of fatigue from long waits is always there, so it is supremely important to have on-hold recordings that are professional and informative, without being boring or repetitive. At Natural Sound, we build on-hold recordings to broadcast standards, employing not just pleasing voices and appropriate music, but also sound effects that are germane to the material being presented. Natural Sound on-hold recordings don't just fill space. They inform and entertain.
Ask us about our phone prompt and long-form hold services too.


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