Nature Recordings
The Natural Sound series of woodland and lakeshore CD titles sets a high standard for natural ambience recordings. Each captures in real time the voice of nature in all its fullness, with no added music or other manmade distractions.
.   American Woodland 1
from a moderately mature
northeastern US woodland
in May.
60 minutes. Stereo
  American Woodland 2
from a very mature north-
eastern US woodland site. 
Recorded in June.
60 minutes. Stereo.
  American Woodland 3
from a young, successional
northeastern US woodland.
Captured in May.
60 minutes. Stereo.
  Rainforest Dawn
from the richly diverse
Costa Rican rainforest
by day.
60 minutes. Stereo.
  Rainforest Dusk
from the Costa Rican
rainforest by night.
60 minutes. Stereo.
  November Waves
from the Canadian shore
of Lake Erie. Waves, waves,
the simple relaxation of waves.
60 minutes. Stereo.
  Stony Creek
a serene woodland rivulet
at dawn with accompaniment
by a chorus of migrant birds.
Recorded in May.
60 minutes. Stereo.

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American Woodland 1 - CD
American Woodland 3 - CD
Rainforest DAWN - CD
Rainforest DUSK - CD
November Waves
Stony Creek


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